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Jackie Loose


My husband and I have four kids: Jacob, Aleiah, Lydia, Stella; 2 cats, 1 dog and 2 aquatic frogs. We have lived in Forest Lake area since 2014.

I work as an Accountant full time/

I/we love to travel, outdoor/nature, games, movies, theater/arts, pets, kids, volunteering and spending time with family and friends.

Why I became involved with FLAGS was to make a difference, help others and meet/spend time with amazing likeminded people.

In your own words, how “good” does it feel to “do good?!” Your heart keeps asking do to more. Envious of those youtubers who make this type of this this job or full time lifestyle. Sounds amazing!

What’s your favorite “pay it forward” memory or Good Samaritan event? Again don't have a favorite but to pick one - Took a family grocery shopping and let them load up everything they wanted in the cart and then paid for it. Several years later, Christmas Day in Michigan, we had just been at the Oxford Shooting Memorial to pay our respects and needed gas to head on our journey south. At the pump someone walked up and handed me a $100 bill for "something for the kids"; immediately brought me to tears and reminded me that everyone can be touched and impacted by a little pay it forward motion even if it's from a complete stranger! :)

What’s your favorite quote? Don't have a favorite because so many are so good but our families favorite is "Excuses don't make memories".