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Kathy Garry


I've been in Forest Lake since 1985, raised 2 boys with my husband, Tim, and taught 36 years in Forest Lake Area Schools. We have been fortunate in living in a neighborhood where neighbors have always stepped in to help one another whenever a need arose - meals when someone was ill or laid up from a surgery, tools shared with a helping hand when something needed fixing or repaired in the home. tree cutting, wood splitting, gardens tilled, produce shared. When Mike first proposed the idea of making all Forest Lake more connected and neighborly, as my own single neighborhood already was, I was all for it. I love being able to give back in a way that puts a smile on someone's face or lifts their spirit. The idea of "paying it forward" is a way to get the stone dropped in the pond that starts an ever-widening ripple across the entire pond! The thought that one small simple generous act I may do can create such a tremendous impact touches my heart. Who wouldn't want to spread joy!?!