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Mike Kaiser

President and Founder

I have lived in Forest Lake since 2010.  I’m married to Sonja, and together we have 5 children. 

My professional occupation is Investment Advisor and Property Management.

President and Co-Founder of the Forest Lake Area Good Samaritans along with my wife, Sonja.

Had the inspiration for founding Good Samaritans while out training for a marathon.  A storm had gone through Forest Lake the night before, and thought it would be fun to just show up and help out a random neighbor who may need some help.  Sonja encouraged me to see if anyone else in the area would be interested in doing the same, and the rest is history. 

How "Good" does it feel to do good?  I get a rush, or a "Helper's High" when I'm helping others.  It can actually get addicting.

Favorite "Pay it Forward" event:  Cleanest City in America was fun, helping families that have suffered through a fire can have an immediate impact in the first couple of days after a fire.