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Tammy Kasprowicz

Board Member at Large / Events Committee

Family - I am married to my high school sweetheart,Brian and we have a son, Bailey, in college and working. He plays baseball for the Chisago Bulldogs

How long in Forest Lake - We live in Linwood since 2001.  I have worked in Forest Lake for 29 yrs and my son went to LILA through 7th grade and then transferred to Forest Lake High School to continue playing baseball.  He graduated class of 2022.  

Day Job - I am a Physical Therapist and my husband is an Othotist.  

Why did I join the Board?  I had volunteered when I could along with my husband and son with Mike and the group.  Love helping people.  I was searching for something more after both my parents past in 2022 and I was used to caring for them.  I always have volunteered at church but this just felt like the right time to help.  It Feels Good to Do Good!  

Favorite "Pay it Forward" event - All of them!!  But probably helping take care of lawns for elderly couple that need to sell, o2 disabled person or a vet.  They are overwhelmed with joy and you can see it on their faces.  Also love planning the GALA.

Favorite Quote:   It Doesn't Cost a Dime to be Kind!!  Pay It Forward!!