We all need help once in a while, so let's be good neighbors and offer our time and talents to each other.


It all began with a thought generated during a morning run. So many people were out helping each other after the storm in the summer of 2017, "Why couldn't that happen more often?"  So, a call for volunteers interested in helping their neighbors in the Forest Lake Area went out on a community website.  The people of Forest Lake responded, and good things are happening!  Communities are coming together to help their neighbors.  Good Sam's are making new friends, having fun, "paying it forward", and making Forest Lake and the surrounding areas an even better place to live!

​​Our Mission is to create a stronger community by doing good deeds for our neighbors.  Including,  spontaneous random acts of kindness, and by spreading good will within our community.  We encourage people to pay it forward, and to help spread the kindness to surrounding communities. Striving to  create a model that other towns or communities can adopt.



We invite you to come to join us at one of our volunteer opportunities.  Check the "UPCOMING EVENTS" tab here, or look us up on FACEBOOK at "Forest Lake MN Good Samaritans."

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